The World Cup in Russia is an event you need to see to believe! All teams are playing with their eyes on the prize, but we are focused on two particular teams: England and Spain. Both teams are playing spectacularly, but they take drastically different approaches to the game.

What’s Happening with the Teams

Diego Costa, Spain team
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England has been playing aggressively with a hit-hard, hit-fast, and score mentality. We’ll have to see if this works out in the long run. And Spain plays their typical patient, technical possession game.

These teams are both great, but one thing sets them apart: committed and professional training. Each team is trained by the best. At EduKick we offer academies for each style of play…Spanish and English. Which style of football best suits you?

Harry Kane, England team
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About EduKick

At EduKick Manchester and EduKick Spain we pride ourselves in the training of certified champions. Davide Somma, who went on to play for Leeds United FC, trained at EduKick Madrid, and Eric Behrens, a German goalkeeper who was offered a professional contract with Derby County FC, is an alumnus of EduKick Manchester.

These are just two examples of our repeated successes with our students, which all comes from our one-of-a-kind approach in our football training venues in Madrid and Manchester.

The “Edu” in EduKick stands for education, which is the key ingredient in a future playing professional football.

Our schools are some of the greatest football schools around and will help nurture any student’s dream of playing pro or succeeding in the game of life.

Want the soccer experience of a lifetime?

Contact us today to see how we can help you decide which style of play (English or Spanish) would be best for your soccer development and best help you achieve your football dreams.

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