Mohammed is an Edukick Manchester Football Academy student who recently won a tough match with his squad against one of the Macclesfield Town FC development teams.

“We stepped out onto that filed and we knew deep down that we had to win that game. We put our all into it, and did our best to win.” said Mohammed. “Before the game, when we were in the changing rooms, coach Matt motivated us. He told us that we had to put our hearts in it if we wanted to win.”

He credits this win to the team and their coach, Matt. The consistent encouragement and positive attitude that the squad received from Matt helped them all individually and gave them the confidence they needed to take the victory.

Pushing Through Trials

Coming from Nigeria, Mohammed had a harder time adapting to the Manchester climate but because of the support he found through his team mates and the onsite staff, he experienced major improvements in his technical football skills. In the end Mohammed found a greater passion for football and grew his skills even more.

“I want to be a footballer. I want to play football as a career.”

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