Chris Honor said, “Scouts know that a positive mindset in a player can boost the motivation and mood of a whole team.” This is a rare quality and whenever a scout comes across a player genuinely exhibiting such an attitude it will make him watch the player more carefully, it will catch his eye and compel him to observe more carefully on how that player manages himself on the pitch.

One young player, named David, recently came to our attention at the April EduKick Manchester Football Academy Showcase event. Whilst he was warming up at the side of the pitch, he was chatting to some of the other players around him. He hadn’t met them before, he didn’t know them. But David was asking how they were, where were they from, and showing an interest in the players who he was going to be playing with shortly in the 11 aside game.

That day David was invited to pre-season training by a scout representing a local club. He had stood out and been noticed for all the right reasons and it had paid off.

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