Sam has come over to Edukick Football Soccer Academy with his dad and was initially enrolled onto the 2 week Talent I.D. Programme. However, things have gone well for Sam so he has decided to stay and train with us further.

Sam stood out for his great vision and technical skill. His ability to play well with his head up at all times and his ability to read the game intelligently. He has been identified as a strong central midfield player. A slight change of position for him, but one suggested by his coaches.

I’m learning how to find space more, my awareness is improving, and I think my confidence is improving, too.

As a result, Sam has been invited to train with two local clubs in the pre-season, which will give him further opportunity to demonstrate exactly what he can bring to a team.

During an interview, Sam reflects on the differences that he has noticed playing in the UK, vis a vis Australia.

Here the game is a bit more intense, people are more aggressive, they tend to press more.

Sam displays a confident, positive yet humble approach when reflecting upon his performance and this attitude will certainly endear him to the coaches and to the scouts.

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