Despite the challenging time with COVID-19 EduKick International Football Academies (EIFA) remains committed to the education, safety, and development of our international student-footballers worldwide. As of March 8, 2021, we are back open! We are accepting registrations NOW for our academic year (2021/22) football & education academies and also our very popular 22-week EduKick Manchester Football Academy Course (available throughout the year).

Q: Is there an option to stay with a host family?

No, this is something we do not allow as the team spirit concept is lost if some individuals are not fully part of the group the full dynamic of the Academy will not be experienced and they may feel left out.

Q: Will the training be personally tailored to maximize a player’s strengths and address their weaknesses?

Yes, of course, this is one of the main functions of our Academy. There will also be group sessions to go over the game play, areas to improve, why specific commands were given, to go over the errors and how to avoid these in the future and most of all for them to understand the game and think for themselves. SMARTFOOTBALL Methodology is based on the artistic ability of the brain we develop creative players.

Q: If a player chooses to do the online High School option, will there be language lesson options?

Yes, we prefer for the players to learn at least Spanish when they stay with us. Players who choose not to study academics will need to study Spanish or a coaching course and also can receive an introduction course of Refereeing (providing a better understanding of football globally). If the student is over 16 years old and chooses not to study an official course, he can study our internal Tecnifutbol course, consisting of: 3 days a week language course + 2 days per week of coaching courses.

Q: If there are only a few players in the EduKick program are there other athletes that are at the facility long term? Will players have the opportunity to get to know other athletes his age that are staying long term?

Generally there are at least 15 players at one time from a wide range of nationalities between the ages of 12-21. They will play together, train together and live together (each player has their own mini apartment, with all facilities and services, 4* superior equivalent)


As our academy is in constant interaction with local, regional, professional and international teams due to our close ties with the CATALAN FOOTBALL FEDERATION the players will share training sessions with professional teams, play with and or against on a regular basis, minimum 3 times per week. I have attached the weekly agenda that they players follow when staying with us.