EduKick USA New Soccer Videos!

Okay, we get it. You want MORE soccer videos from the new soccer academy in St. Louis, Missouri, right? Well, here is the current EduKick USA Gateway Prep Soccer Academy playlist. So enjoy!

EduKick USA Gateway Prep Soccer Academy


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USA Soccer Academy: Experienced Coaching!

EduKick continues to provide top of the line directors, coaches and coaching methods for its student players.

Tim Byrnes – Director of Soccer Operations

Born and raised in the Metro St. Louis area, he’s played club, high school, and collegiate soccer here for most of the early part of his life.

“The opportunity to bring the highest level of soccer to the St.Louis area and to manage players from around the world that will impact the club and collegiate levels nationwide is a dream come true” Byrnes says.

After playing in both the NAIA and NCAA, Byrnes finished his career at Greenville College in 2004. He soon began coaching at Greenville, having the opportunity to coach under 2012 NAIA Coach of the year Brian McMahon.
The Belhaven University Blazers of Jackson Mississippi went to an NAIA National Championship due, in part to his leadership as Head Coach. As Assistant Coach for Maryville University, Director of Coaching for JC United in the St. Louis area and many other opportunities, Byrnes also serves as a coordinator for the College ID Program tying him directly to over 20 college coaches locally and coaches nationwide.
He fits the EduKick team well, and we are more than please to have him as coach!

Watch more about EduKick USA here!


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Where Is EduKick USA?

It’s called EduKick USA – Gateway Preparation Academy! And you’ll find EduKick’s newest venue in Glen Carbon, Illinois.

Looking for the village of Glen Carbon, IL?

It’s about 20 miles north of downtown St. Louis, Missouri. Which, BTW, is home to the United Soccer League franchise Saint Louis FC and many other franchises like the St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Blues and St. Louis Rams. Anyone who’s visited knows how strongly the fans feel about their teams. The spirit of community here is almost alive – especially among sports fans.

Safety: It’s Important

But the best part of this location isn’t in it’s ties to sports lovers across the country. In reality, the city has recently been named by Money Magazine one of the best places to live in the United States. Not only that but it’s also one of the safest cities in all of Illinois.
Watch this interview with Head Coach Tim Byrnes:
The program facilities are centered in the Gateway Preparatory school main campus, Gateway Sports Academy, Accelerate Fitness, Edwardsville High School and Southern Illinois University. All are located within minutes of each other around the village of Glen Carbon, and the student-players are transported by private bus to and from each facility.

The Village of Glen Carbon

Glen Carbon is located just 20 miles north of downtown St Louis, Missouri which is home to United Soccer League franchise Saint Louis FC as well as other USA well know sports franchises St. Louis Cardinals (Baseball), St. Louis Blues (Hockey) and NFL’S St. Louis Rams. The St. Louis University Billikens men’s soccer team participates in the Atlantic 10 conference.

Registration Open Now

EduKick has again done itself proud with the introduction of a brand new USA soccer and education academy designed to give student-players full access to the best of both worlds. Not only will these new applicants be offered the best in accomodations, coaching, and security, but they are also given the opportunity for the best education in a private school.
And we hear the food is fantastic!
Have a taste for more? Watch this quick video of cafeteria time with the guys. Then sign up for your FREE information below!
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USA Soccer Academy: Open to New Students Now!


Registration Begins For New Academy

Have you heard that EduKick has opened a new soccer academy in the USA? That’s right! It’s up and running with new applicants coming in quickly for the 2016/2017 season.
To introduce you to the new venue, we’re doing a series of video blogs to give you more information! To start, we’re going to hear from the man in charge of it all.
You’ll find the academy is already in full swing and ready to take on any soccer student between the ages of 13 – 19 years of age.
For more information an interview with Director, Andre Collins EduKick USA Gateway Prep Soccer & Education Academy.
Worried about interupting your education? All of EduKick’s academies provide the opportunity for completing a full education provided in private school.
And EduKick USA, located outside St. Louis, Missouri, offers the best. In fact, excelling in soccer while continuing to hold the standard in education is what EduKick is all about.

Stay tuned to hear about it next week!

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EduKick Spain at Its Finest

Enjoy the highlights of your new international football academy!
Hear from our our videographer, Mario Moreno, and EduKick Spain Director, Nacho Mallo, as they give you a tour of EduKick Spain.
There is so much more to be seen at our Madrid Academy that we can even show on video. From excellent living quarters to the delights of Spanish food our Spanish venue makes the rigorous soccer training even more effective.

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September: Goal of the Month!

Sometimes it just takes one shot to make it big, and we’ve been seeing quite a few examples of this as of late. Watch these plays go down and be amazed.

Team Work

At EduKick, we work hard to train our students that it’s not always about them. And shooting a spectacular shot is no exception. This is teamwork at its finest.

Great work, players!

Let’s keep this kind of action going all year long.

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Zaan U-16 National Team Call Up


Manchester’s Own Zaan

EduKick Manchester’s Ismail Zaan, aged 15, has been selected to be captain of the Maldives U16 National team for the upcoming 2015 SAFF U-16 Championship tournament.
The tournament will be held in Bangladesh, India, August 7-16. Zaan attended EduKick Manchester Academy 2014/15 season and will re-join the academy for a second year after competing in the SAFF U-16 Championship tournament.
Everyone at EduKick is excited for Zaan to receive, not just the call up, but the honor of captaining his country.

Good luck Zaan!

Shots, Strikes, & Footy Skills!

Think You’ve Got Game?

These EduKick student-players are kicking it up on the pitch! Watch them as they learn how to really work the field.
Some of these guys and girls have spectacular potential. They owe many of their new skills to EduKick Madrid’s excellent coaching and education.
Think you’re ready to join them?
EduKick Madrid Soccer and Education Academy offers various programs to fit your soccer and academic needs. We welcome all competitive players from 12-24!
Call 1-905-469-5661 or internationally 001-905-469-5661

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EU Residents: Scholarship Special!

EU FLAGAre you are a resident of one of the European Union member countries?
Do you hold a passport of one of the member countries?
Contact us now to find out if you are eligible to receive one of a limited number of scholarships recently made available!

This offer is only valid until the end of August. Contact us now for more information!


Who is EduKick?

EduKick is the FIRST and the BEST. The ORIGINAL and most experienced Football (Soccer) & Education Boarding School company now in its 14th year of providing the soccer experience of a lifetime.
First started back in 2001, EduKick now has over a decade of experience operating safe, secure and nurturing academic year soccer & education schools to international student-footballers from across the globe.
With nearly 800 videos posted on YOUTUBE of our eight Soccer Academy locations around the world, it’s there for everyone to click and witness for themselves.
At EduKick, football is our life!
EduKick Soccer Academies Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Soccer Tips: How to Train on the Go

When You Can’t Get to the Gym

Manchester 16
When you can’t hit the gym like these guys, having a back-up workout plan really helps.
But what if you’re stuck in your room, or even on a plane. There are always things you can do to improve your game.
Sometimes, all it takes is a few tweaks in your focus to change you from an average player to an excellent one.
Here are a few ways to make your soccer training more of a priority – even when the gym and the field are miles away.

Daily Discipline: Beyond Footy Skills

If you really want to beef up your game, soccer needs to be with you all day, every day.
A well-trained player knows he can’t slap the “snooze” button on his alarm clock every day or blow off a healthy breakfast in favor of a soda.
No, to really good at what you do, you must use self-discipline in your daily routine on and off the field.
It’s not sexy, but working hard to improve your game means you give up the party to study or go to bed early the night before the big game.
Find that area of your life where you just don’t have self-control, and tackle it until you’re the boss again.

Mental Focus: It’s All in Your Head

Sometimes, the toughest challenges to overcome are in our own minds, especially in sports.
Learning to put yourself through mental exercises as well as physical ones can be your ticket to improving your game.
First, think. What simple mistakes do you repeat on the field?
Everyone has them, but those who take the time to know the “why” will overcome those problems more quickly.
Second, is there a play, a pass, a move you really want to learn? Visualize it. Take yourself mentally through each step, each shift of the play until you have it.
Third, when you’re tired, pressed for time, and just want to get away, take a moment to use your head as a jumbo tron. Close your eyes and remember the best game you ever played. Then play it again in your head.

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You’ll be surprised how relaxing and sometimes revealing this exercise can be. You may discover things about your game you would never see when you’re playing.

Remember: You Can Always Do Push-Ups

Training on the go means working on soccer when there’s no ball or turf anywhere near you.
Pick an exercise or two from the list below that you can do in your room.
Keep the list on your bulletin board, and when you need to take a break from studying – break out the moves.
Great ones for this are squats, kicks, wall-sits and quick heart-pumpers like jumping jacks, push ups and all kinds of jumps.

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