Spanish Soccer Academy Year-Long Program Begins 2014/15 Season

It’s Go Time!

2014/15 Year Long Program has already started!
Monday saw the official start of Madrid’s Year-Long Soccer and Academics program. Our first training session was conducted by Coach Javier Martin, followed by the first day of Spanish lessons.
EduKick Madrid 2014
Senior players had the opportunity to go out for trial with local team A.D. Canillas. It was a challenging experience for all of them, and some players got tough results.
They’ll have to stand up again and fight for a place in a different team. Happily, Matthew Maybury was called for a second trial.
On Tuesday, players met Football Director Javier Mallo, who worked the first training session inside the gym, before hitting the field for training with Coach Javier Martin.
After training, Anubhav Singh took the Ice Bucket Challenge – showing the good atmosphere among the players this season, and this evening we will enjoy this season’s first visit to Madrid City Center.
Soccer training sessions will continue every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning and will combine strength and conditioning work as well as technique sessions.
After each training session, players go from the field to the Metro station – which lets them out right next to their home-away-from-home at the International House facilities.
It’s going to be a fantastic year! Interested in joining us?

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How EduKick Soccer Training Works

If you’ve ever wanted to get professional soccer training, EduKick is the way to go. Our international academies have proven again and again to turn out well-educated and exceptionally trained young men and women who love the sport.
Watch a couple of student-players from EduKick Madrid enjoy prepping for a game.
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Roberto Navajas Goalie Soccer Training Video

Watch Roberto Navajas as he trains EduKick Madrid Soccer students. Most of these players are working on their skills as a goalie, and Roberto is an excellent choice for a coach! EduKick International works hard to secure the best trainers for each area of soccer training as well as academics.
One of Robert’s best tips? Stay happy and relaxed as you play! When you become too tense, you lose the joy of the game, you tire more easily, and your skills start to decline.
So play hard, play fair, and play happy!

EduKick Registration

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Choosing a Football Academy: Academic Excellence

Academic programs
Our Academic Programs provide the students with the opportunity to continue their academic studies while working on an intense soccer training schedule through high school.
shutterstock_198771995 Register Here Today!
We offer several methods of instruction depending on the student and his or her school of choice. Distance learning continues the curriculum they have been using in school at home.
In addition to our Year-Long programs, EduKick also offers specialized training programs: Goalie training, Girls Programs, and Pro Soccer Trials.
Some students choose to immerse themselves further into the culture by attending the local high school – public or private – near the EduKick Academy they are attending.
The intent of our Academics Programs is to keep academic scores high while still pushing them to train harder for scores on the pitch.
Intercultural Competence
This is the key to the success of many of EduKick Academies’ students. The development of intercultural competence provides EduKick Academy student-players life-skills that offer benefits for them long after the program is ended for the year.
Intercultural competence begins with understanding and appreciating the differences in cultures. Our academies encourage the independence that travel outside of a student’s home country brings.
It also exposes them to new experiences, and the ability to navigate and communicate within another country and culture.
Often a full eighty percent of EduKick student-players are from different cultures and backgrounds. Nearly all are from a country other than the one where the academy is located.
Because of this, EduKick students have the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience from the culture they are then living in as well as the cultures of their teammates.
2014 Registration Form
EduKick coaches, instructors and staff all work hard to build more into a student than great soccer skills and a solid education.
Qualities, such as self-discipline, are taught in every aspect of the program, encouraging the students see the end-game of life as well as soccer.
Through our soccer and education academies, we seek to develop character, independence and most importantly for future soccer players – intercultural competence.
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Choosing a Football Academy: The EduKick Standand

What Are EduKick Programs?

EduKick Programs extend from Intensive Soccer Training to Language Development to Academic Study and Intercultural Competence.
In addition to Year-long training programs, EduKick also offers specialized training programs: Goalie training, & Girls Programs, and Pro Soccer Trials.
Intensive Soccer Training
In every one of our venues we have hired the best of the best in coaching excellence. Our coaches are focused on developing strength, character and knowledge of the game with each student-player.
With this focus they are able to draw from individuals the ability to work together as a team using their greatest strengths to support the other players, create a winning strategy and become the player they’ve always wanted to be.
Language Immersion
For EduKick, Language Immersion is vital to the development of any soccer player. The universal nature of the game makes learning other languages vital to communication among players.
EduKick Academies overflow with student-players from around the world. So being multi-lingual offers the students more opportunities – not only for personal growth – but also for developing relationships with other students, coaches, and potentially scouts.
Our Language Programs are the best out there, using the well-proven method of immersion to create an environment for whole language learning. Students leave EduKick Programs with a firm grasp of a second language and greater world of opportunities open to them.

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Experience the language, football, and cultural experience of a lifetime! Call 866.338.5425. or internationally at 001.905.469-5661
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Study Abroad With EduKick International

If you are a competitive soccer player who has always wanted to study abroad, EduKick International is the place for you!
Since 2001, we have been providing academic year soccer/football academy boarding schools in Spain, England, Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, USA and Mexico.
Typically designed for students aged 13 to 23 years of age, the programs combine daily professional soccer training and structured language classes, High School academics or sports science courses taught by highly qualified coaches and teachers.

Excellence in Education

Our 2014/15 Academic Year Programs are about more than just learning the game. They also include full-time educational options like ESL, EFL, BTEC Sports Science, Foreign Language Study, IGCSE and A-Level, and USA 8-12 Online Distance Learning.

Cultural Experiences

And at EduKick, we compliment the student-player’s experience of studying abroad with cultural experiences. Many evenings, the students and teachers go out to enjoy cultural activities and sometimes weekend trips to local tourist attractions and historical destinations.
EduKick’s You Tube Channel allows interested parents and students to view hundreds of EduKick academy videos before making the decision to join our teams across the globe.

Foreign Language Immersion

All EduKick participants are totally immersed in the language and culture of the country their school is located in.
All football training sessions, academic and language classes and social activities are conducted in that country’s language to immerse the students in the new language and enhance his or her overall cultural experience abroad.

Interested soccer players and parents should contact EduKick soon (see form below) to initiate the Student Visa application process…courses begin in September! – EduKick President, Joey Bilotta

Our two most popular academies are EduKick Madrid (Spain) and EduKick Manchester (England). These football academies regularly register 20-30 international soccer players for each year for our academic year programs.
Want some immediate info?
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The fantastic development that comes from so many student-players is the intercultural exchange and appreciation that happens between aspiring soccer players from so many countries.
In Manchester, this last year, we accepted 28 players from a total of 21 different countries. That experience encourages these young players to learn even more to work as a team.

EduKick Madrid

At EduKick Madrid, in Spain, our students train daily under the EduKick technical Spanish coaches. To further their training they are inserted into a local team, gaining additional training and weekend match play.
This intercultural exchange with Spanish footballers benefits EduKick participants immensely both in their language development and in their football training.
Students from the United States are able to study US Accredited High School Online Distance Learning (in English), and EduKick provides WiFi access in all accommodations to allow student-players the ability to study online in their own languages.

EduKick Manchester

In England, EduKick is able to obtain Student Visas for all of its students to allow them to legally live and study there for the duration of the course. Educational options EduKick Manchester include, English as a Second Language (ESL/EFL), BTEC Sports Science, IGCSE and A-Level, and USA 8-12 Online Distance Learning.
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EduKick Mission:

shutterstock_46543942To operate the world’s leading international soccer/football and education academy boarding schools; building strong business relationships in a vibrant, creative and ethical international football environment. To teach, inspire and create the best technical and physically fit student-footballers possible and create international students with inter-cultural competence (ICC) enabling them to compete professionally and athletically in the modern competitive world.

Spanish Soccer Academy Interview: Dr. Javi Mallo

Spanish Soccer Coach Interview

Dr. Javier Mallo is the Technical Football Director for EduKick Madrid Soccer and Education Academy.
We have only the best in coaches, instructors, academic programs and security. EduKick Madrid is an academic year football and education course for competitive players who are ages 13-24. Register Here Today!
Fill out the form below for more information about application for the 2014/2015 school year!
Or call us directly at: 1-905-469-5661
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Pro-Soccer Players Were EduKick Grads

EduKick Alumni Turned Pros

Ever wondered what EduKick International Football Academies (EIFA) alumni are up to? So were we. Take a moment to look at all the fantastic soccer players around the world who started at an EduKick Academy.
Davide Somma
David Somma is an alumnus of EduKick Madrid Football Academy. At the moment he is a free agent in the United States working hard on his game through a professional physical conditioning program.
While he was in England, he made a big impact, soon becoming a regular first team squad member of the English Championship club Leeds United FC. Having been born in South Africa, Somma made his full international debut with the South African Men’s National Team in a game opposing the United States team.
Next up in our lines of successful alumni is Eric Behrens, the German goalkeeper who displayed his talented goalkeeping while attending EduKick Manchester Football Academy in 2013 at age 16.
Eric now shows off his hard work and excellent skills for the English Championship side, Derby County F.C.
EduKick Manchester Academy is where he caught the attention of coaches at Manchester City Youth Academy. After training with Manchester City for a while, he then attended a trial with Aston Villa. In the end, Eric was offered a professional contract with Derby County FC after a very successful trial.
Miguel Hamutenya from Namibia, Africa is another EduKick alumi who is now playing professionally. In his case, the Norwegian 2nd division club Strommen FC has recently re-signed a deal to keep him on for one more year.
Directly after EduKick, Miguel signed a professional contract with Bnei Sakhnin of the Israel Premier League. After one successful season there, he then signed a contract subject to a successful work permit application with Glasgow Rangers of the Scottish premier division. Since the work permit was turned down he had to discontinue with the Scottish Champions at the time.
He has now landed in Norway where he has established himself as a key member of Strommen FC.
Sam Zimmerman
EduKick England alum Sam Zimmermann is currently representing his native Lichtenstein National U21.
Through EduKick Manchester’s awesome connections, he was able to obtain a trial with English Championship professional team Peterborough FC. They asked him to return for a another trial during their pre-season training, but Sam returned home to Switzerland in order to complete his education, signing instead with FC Emmenbrücke for a time.
Once again performing high above the rest, Sam moved on to the Swiss 3rd division professional club SC Kriens representing their U21 squad. Sam is now with the Lichtenstein national squad at a training camp.

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Matt Sanner, an American from Indiana, USA is an EduKick Alumni who is currently playing professionally for BK Bodens FC of the Swedish 2nd division.
Matt and fellow alumnus Conti Kolokotronis attended EduKick Madrid Elite Camp together, and both have turned pro! (See Conti’s blurb below.)
After attending the intense Elite Camp, Matt completed his Ivy League education at Princeton University and played center forward. Attacking Midfield for the prestigious school.
American, Constantine Kolokotronis from Sacramento, California is an EduKick Madrid alumnus. He now plays professionally in the Greek 2nd Division for Vyzas Megaron F.C.
Kolokotronis is a Greek-American, and signed his first professional contract, in August 2013, after initially attending the EduKick Madrid Elite Camp, in the summer of 2010 and EduKick Madrid Academy Program, in 2011.

“It really is wonderful to see so many of our alumni fulfilling their potential and achieving their football dreams. We are very proud to have played a part in their football development. We are also very happy that our professional trial programs can provide our aspiring young professional footballers with genuine exposure opportunities to the professional level of the game.” – EduKick G.M. Jon Morgan

Another EduKick England alumnus, Nazar Kmit from Ukraine, is playing professionally in the Ukraine 2nd Division for FC Skala.
Nazar earned a trial at Preston North End, of the English Football League 1st Division, while at EduKick England and continued working towards his dream of playing soccer/football professionally once he returned home.
After completing a successful trial at FC Skala, Nazar has moved from their youth team level to being a vital player on their senior squad.

“We had two goals coming into this program: find a safe, hospitable, loving, professional environment that would allow a young kid to learn and experience the ins and outs of becoming a professional football player. Secondly, to secure some reputable relationships with UK teams and professionals that we could leverage for the 2014 season that would trend us down the path of scholarship football in a professional football setting. In my opinion, I think both of those goals exceeded our expectations and I owe it to you guys (EduKick) for helping us find our way over this last year.” – Sean Bredin, father of EduKick player Quinn Bredin, of Canada

After attending EduKick Madrid for three seasons (2010-2013), Japanese student Yuya Matsumoto worked his way onto the highest level Junior academy team of third division Spanish club AD Colmenar.
Yuya has now signed his first professional football contract and represents FK Jezero in the Montenegrin 2nd Division.
Are you working toward your goal of becoming the best student-player you can be?

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Soccer Academies Open Registration for 2014/2015

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In every one of their eight soccer academies around the world they strive to teach strong soccer skills, solid academics and foreign language study along with intercultural competence. No matter what your soccer goals are, EduKick offers you the opportunity to continue your high school education while furthering your life experience and hopes for the future. Each EduKick Soccer and Education Academy offers the best in soccer and education training. Register Now

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Our newest soccer training facility is USA – California, where we’ve partnered with Santa Barbara Unified Schools and the Santa Barbara Soccer Club to give you the best in soccer training and high school education opportunities.

  • EduKick Spain spends time with the famous Mallo family, who will ensure you learn “Spanish Futbol” the traditional way.
  • EduKick England Manchester has a reputation for top notch football training and a solid foundation in educational excellence.
  • EduKick Mexico means you can have fun in the sun and get into the intense team spirit and the competition played there.
  • EduKick Brazil participants reside in a hot bed of soccer activity as they enjoy the cultural trips and professional matches offered.
  • EduKick France is proud to partner with Hidalgo International Football Academy, to have French language & football experience.
  • EduKick Italy is a complete package of travel, Italian cultural exposure, Italian language study immersion, and football training.
  • EduKick Germany is located in the town of Hennef, and well-connected to soccer clubs throughout the region.

Wherever you choose to attend, EduKick Academies are the ultimate in Soccer and Education training.

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