Academic programs
Our Academic Programs provide the students with the opportunity to continue their academic studies while working on an intense soccer training schedule through high school.
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We offer several methods of instruction depending on the student and his or her school of choice. Distance learning continues the curriculum they have been using in school at home.
In addition to our Year-Long programs, EduKick also offers specialized training programs: Goalie training, Girls Programs, and Pro Soccer Trials.
Some students choose to immerse themselves further into the culture by attending the local high school – public or private – near the EduKick Academy they are attending.
The intent of our Academics Programs is to keep academic scores high while still pushing them to train harder for scores on the pitch.
Intercultural Competence
This is the key to the success of many of EduKick Academies’ students. The development of intercultural competence provides EduKick Academy student-players life-skills that offer benefits for them long after the program is ended for the year.
Intercultural competence begins with understanding and appreciating the differences in cultures. Our academies encourage the independence that travel outside of a student’s home country brings.
It also exposes them to new experiences, and the ability to navigate and communicate within another country and culture.
Often a full eighty percent of EduKick student-players are from different cultures and backgrounds. Nearly all are from a country other than the one where the academy is located.
Because of this, EduKick students have the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience from the culture they are then living in as well as the cultures of their teammates.
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EduKick coaches, instructors and staff all work hard to build more into a student than great soccer skills and a solid education.
Qualities, such as self-discipline, are taught in every aspect of the program, encouraging the students see the end-game of life as well as soccer.
Through our soccer and education academies, we seek to develop character, independence and most importantly for future soccer players – intercultural competence.
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